Proof That #PizzaRat Has More Attainable Goals Than Donald Trump (VIDEO)

In the rat race called life, the YouTube sensation “Pizza Rat” has a lot to teach us. He (assuming he’s male, but could easily be a strong female) is dragging a pizza slice three times the size of his body down the stairs. It’s really quite something to behold.

Take a gander:

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The video ends with the rat looking upon his success with great pride of accomplishment. He knows that the odds of just any rat grabbing a full slice of New York City pizza and dragging it down a full flight of subway steps isn’t very high. He’s an outlier of sorts, really.

You know who shouldn’t have pride of accomplishment but boasts that he is the greatest ever? Donald Trump.

Between Trump being born into money and squandering his business fortunes down the tubes of bankruptcy, he really shouldn’t be proud of much of anything. Unless, of course, you count keeping that thing on top of his head alive for so long.

Another thing this rat has over Mr. Trump are attainable goals. The rat has a clear vision of how he plans to accomplish getting his gigantic slice of pizza down the steps and maybe feeding his family of ratlings.

Trump, on the other hand, is currently running for president with no real plans for anything. What do we know about Trumps plans so far? He hates immigrants and loves guns. That’s it.

Trump wants to build a wall — a great big BEAUTIFUL wall — to keep undocumented immigrants from crossing the border, while ensuring that everyone else is carrying a gun. Sounds like a plan! You know — for a crazy person…or Hitler.

Truth is, Trump has no attainable goals. The things he repeats at his rallies — how he’ll do this, that and the other — could NEVER happen without legislation being passed. He’s just lying to his simple-minded lemming supporters who are eating it up like a rat eating pizza off a subway platform.

So, cheers to Pizza Rat and your dreams of eating a giant piece of pizza! You have proven that even you have more attainable goals than that of one Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Featured image: Twitter/Flickr

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