Proof That Mike Pence Is Lying When He Says RFRA Law Isn’t About Discrimination (IMAGES)

Rumor has it that Mike Pence’s aides had to call the fire department when smoke began billowing from his trouser region and the ensuing flames threatened to catch fire to his hyper-extended wooden nose this week when he flat-out denied that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act the bigots of Indiana passed was about discrimination.

They say you’re only as good as the company you keep.  Well, Governor Pence decided to throw caution to the wind during the law’s private signing ceremony with what he called “religious leaders.”

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Two photos were released.  One of Pence’s staff with these religious leaders after the signing:

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And this one of the moment after the signing itself:

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It turns out not all of the people in the photograph are religious leaders after all.  A few of them are just ignorant bigots with a history of blatant discrimination and outright stupidity.

This image, posted on GLADD’s Facebook page, puts into perspective the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.”


Three of the men standing behind Pence as he signs hate into law are well-known imbeciles with radical views of the LGBT community:

  • Curt Smith, who helped write the bill, equates homosexuality with bigotry.  He supports “ex gay” camps and advocates for laws based on religious principles.  He is best known for referring to the events surrounding the murder of Matt Shepherd as “gay activist propaganda.”
  • Micah Clark believes that homosexuality is a treatable disorder.  He earned public recognition as a complete jackass when he raged about a lesbian student wearing a tuxedo to prom.  He once equated a license plate benefiting an LGBT youth center to promoting smoking.
  • Eric Miller – this known fear-monger distributed a flyer claiming pastors and court clerks could be arrested for performing weddings after same-sex marriage passed.  He has repeatedly attempted to block legislation that would give LGBTs protection under the law from hate crimes.  He believes homosexuality leads to pedophilia.

These are the people Mike Pence put in the room with him when he signed a bill that he claims has nothing to do with discrimination.  Not very bright, but then, Republicans seldom are.

H/T: GLAAD on Facebook | Image: The Laurelhurst Blog

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