Profiles In Courage: Ryan Disavows Trump’s Claims Of Rigged Election, Will Still Vote For Him

We’re a few months out from the election and things are already looking like they’re coming apart at the seams — not just for Trump’s campaign, but for the entire idea of democracy in America altogether.

See, the last few months Trump’s been propagating a meme that the election is rigged. It’s a rather brilliant meme — if he wins, that means that he won the popular vote. If he loses, it means the other side cheated and he should’ve been crowned king. This is a “heads I win, tails you lose” situation.

Rational adults connected with consensus reality understand that this probably isn’t the case, and if the election is at all rigged, it’s rigged in favor of Trump. But Trump’s rabid fanbase is already vulnerable to conspiracy theories, and so they won’t even bat an eyelash at this one.

Into this mess steps Paul Ryan, who today displayed an amazing amount of courage by dismissing Donald Trump’s lies that the November election will be rigged . . .  but who still refuses to un-endorse him.

Surely, this is bravery that will go down in the history books.

While speaking with BuzzFeed, Ryan spokeswoman AshLee Strong said that Ryan was “confident” that the election will be carried out “with integrity,” since that’s what the foundation of our democracy is:

Our democracy relies on confidence in election results, and the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity.

That’s great. So where’s the “And in light of this, I have withdrawn my endorsement of this unhinged Oompah Loompah and no longer want that deranged motherf*cker anywhere near power”?

Because it’s not in there. And, if you’re looking for a strong stand like this against Derp Fuhrer by Ryan, you won’t find it. He’s a party man first and foremost. Whatever happens to this democracy and this country plays second fiddle to his ideological purity.

As far as I’m concerned, Ryan can say he disagrees with it all he wants to. Until that useless sack of flesh with a dumpster fire for a soul condemns Trump in no uncertain terms, I can only conclude the sad waste of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen that runs the House agrees with Trump and his animalistic supporters, regardless what the lies that spew from his mouth might be.

Trump renewed his meme today with a brief series of tweets reinforcing the delusion that if he loses, it’ll be because it was stolen from him, not because people find him a horrible human:


Trump is evil. Yes, evil. A word that I don’t throw around lightly; he is the antithesis of everything the Enlightenment values that shaped this country stood for. He is ignorance. He is delusional self-certainty. He is greed, he is hate, he is divisiveness, and he is the decay of the White American soul, that bitter entitlement complex, distilled into the mockery of a human being. He is a maggot-infested oozing head wound on American politics.

He is evil. And so is anyone who votes for him, including spineless coward Paul Ryan. knowing full well his policies will kill thousands of Americans.

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