Professional Trump Troll Stuns CNN Panel With His STUPIDITY By Linking Gun Violence To Abortion (VIDEO)

CNN commentator and Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord must be the highest paid idiot on TV. Earlier this week he made an absurd connection between Michelle Obama’s inspirational speech and Benghazi.

On Wednesday, feeling the need to one-up his own stupidity, Lord decided to undermine the argument for gun control by inferring that abortion is the root cause of gun violence, not guns.

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First, Lord began by throwing out the usual conservative attacks on “liberalism” droning on about how progressives want to run everyone’s life from Washington D.C. He also claimed that Hillary Clinton was all about “Liberal Fascism.” As thought his first “point” wasn’t stupid enough, Lord’s mouth continued to make noises, as he opined about gun violence.

In all the talk about guns, and gun control, etc., one of the things that people like me believe is that this is linked immutably to the issue of abortion,” Lord said, via Media Matters. “Why? Because abortion is about — you talk to pro-life folks — about respect for life.

And if we have a culture that is saying, under the guise of pro-choice that children’s lives are not to be respected, that no one’s life is to be respected, you can’t reasonably expect people out there to think — if this is the culture they’re raised in, to not understand that the life is so valuable that they shouldn’t be out there taking life.

To his credit, Van Jones sidestepped Lord’s stupidity altogether and brought the conversation back to the land of common sense and reason. Jones addressed some of the real factors involved in gun violence such as poverty and “a lack of hope” and dignity.

But, let’s look at the facts.

After Roe v. Wade was decided, the murder rate in the U.S. has been on a steady decline since the mid-1990s. There is no correlation between abortion and any kind of criminal activity, including murder. Abortion is a part of every society on earth, whether it is legal or illegal, human beings have always sought that option. Lord and his ilk would like to return to the dark days of coat hangers and unsafe backroom abortions, where they can once again pretend to support “life” while thousands of women die or get maimed each year.

It seems the Trump campaign has started an unofficial competition between surrogates to see who can make the most asinine arguments against any progressive position. So Far, Lord is well ahead of the pack.

Featured image via Media Matters.

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