Pro-Trump Radio Host’s Hilariously Bad ‘Proof’ That Trump Isn’t Racist Has The Internet Dying (TWEET)

Trump’s fans are desperate to try to paint their savior as not being racist — something that should be a challenge given some of the very first people to officially support Trump were Neo-Nazis.

Still, they claim, you can’t judge a person by their supporters and to a degree, that’s true. A person can’t entirely be responsible for the people who decide to swarm around them.

That’s why you also have to point out the KKK supports him, as well, and white nationalists have campaigned for him since almost the beginning. It’s why some of his most vocal supporters on the internet are the racist, bigoted reactionaries of the Alt-Right, and why just about everyone associated with him believes some nutty, racist idea. Because at some point, you have to stop and say, “With all these racists orbiting around him, he’s probably saying something racist to attract them.”

Trump’s fans just haven’t hit that point yet. That’s why we get ridiculous Tweets like this one, from right-wing radio show host Bill Mitchell:

Tweet 1

I’m shocked Mitchell didn’t pull something when he made that reach.

I’m not sure why he thinks a racist wouldn’t do that. I’ve met plenty of white people who are nice and friendly towards African-Americans in public, but God forbid you get trapped with those people behind closed doors. I’m white, I know. A large number of white people feel comfortable being racist around me, because they assume I’m as racist as they are and they’re shocked and almost offended when they learn I’m not.

Mitchell must think that being a racist means lynching black people and wearing a hood, and you know what? That’s racist, but that’s not all there is to racism. Racism is an ideology; it’s a political and economic philosophy, like capitalism.

Racism is also an outlook. It’s the idea that you’re superior to someone even if you don’t come out and say it. It’s mocking black people for buying expensive shoes, it’s attacking black people using dated stereotypes. It’s making jokes about watermelons. These things are what makes you racist.

At any rate, Twitter commenters saw through this and before Mitchell knew it, he was inundated with a huge number of people calling him out for his wrongheaded comment:


I think this touches on what’s quite possibly the most baffling thing about this election cycle: the right-wing’s instance that the Democrats and the KKK are in bed together. And yet, the most vocal supporters of Trump have been . . . the KKK. They know that their entire party’s identity is founded around white nationalism. The only difference between today and the election of, say, Ronald Reagan, is that they can’t hide it anymore.

Not that it stops them from trying.

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