Pro-Life Republican Believes Parents Have ‘Religious Right’ To Let Their Kids Die From Treatable Diseases

If you ever wondered why Senator Bernie Sanders is very cautious to associate too much with organized religion, it’s because of the brainless wackos that infect it like a fatal and contagious disease. Case in point, State Sen. Lee Heider (R-Twin Falls).

It seems that Idaho’s right-wing Republicans (the only kind in Idaho) went ahead and approved a bill that would allow Bible study in science classes. But here’s the really sick part: they declined to change a law that protects faith-healing parents from prosecution when their children die from treatable illnesses. These are the very same lunatics who endanger the lives of their own kids (and others) when they refuse to get their children vaccinated.

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Heider said he’s not likely to support a change to state law that he believes would prosecute parents for exercising their religious beliefs, reported the Twin Falls Times-News.

 I’m a First Amendment guy, and I believe in the First Amendment, which gives people freedom of religion,” said Heider, who describes himself as “pro-life.”

Ah yes, the timeless and hilariously flawed argument of using a pro-life stance to justify needlessly allowing others to die. On the bright side, at least it didn’t have anything to do with assault weapons. Maybe Idaho should alter its state slogan to “Come for the guns and country, stay to have your kid killed in the name of Christ.”

The issue has drawn attention in recent years following the deaths of numerous children in the Followers of Christ community in southwestern Idaho from preventable deaths such as pneumonia and food poisoning. Those deaths notwithstanding, GOP reps are reluctant to change an irrational law that would compel religious parents to seek medical care for their children. Area doctors said changing the law could help parents who want to seek medical care overcome social pressure from their religious community.

In short, this is yet another reason why religious extremists are ruining America

Featured image of State Sen. Lee Heider via Facebook

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