Pro-Israel Group: Black Ferguson Protesters Just Want To Play The Victim, Like Palestinians

Robert Wilkes, a member of the advisory board for StandWithUs, a pro-Israel group with close ties to the Israeli government, wrote a racially divisive article recently that was removed from The Times of Israel’s website, after much controversy in social media circles.

Luckily, for those of you who are curious what all the controversy was about, you can still access a web cache version of the post, here.

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Stand with us logo. Photo via

It’s difficult to pick out a quote that stands out the most, given just how bigoted the entire article is, but this one phrase certainly doesn’t help the Pro-Israeli propaganda machine:

Black leaders in America are con artists and a disgrace. They are a [sic] race-hustlers in a ‘business’ fueled by anger. As long as blacks remain angry their ‘leaders’ will continue to have a lucrative career. Similarly, the corrupt, undemocratic Palestinian leadership is equally unconcerned about the human aspirations of their own people.

Now, the point here is this: StandWithUs is trying to publicly distance itself from this article, but Robert Wilkes has been an active “advisory member” of their board for the past eight years. Here is his Linkedin page. When the article was first written, he even received high praise from StandWithUs director of Israeli education, Hen Mazzig, which can be seen below.

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A Hen Mazzing. Photo via

As you can see, Hen Mazzing clearly and unequivocally says:

Robert is an amazing guy! So Bright. I’ll let him know ‘it’ got you upset.

The ‘it’ Mazzing is referring to is the racist article Robert Wilkes wrote.

But, now all of a sudden, Mr. Mazzing is singing a different tune trying to disassociate himself from Wilkes:

We had no prior knowledge that he was going to publish it. He is on the advisory board of Seattle. He is not on our board. We are not responsible for the actions of our board members.

That last statement by StandWithUs is probably the smartest thing they have done in awhile. They realize that displaying this type of overt racism is not going to go well with the American public.

This latest “gossip,” if you want to call it that, only underscores the type of mindset that persists within the pro-Israeli movement and one of the reasons it’s such a problem.

Reggie Bush, NFL player for the Detroit Lions, perhaps said it best when he posted the following photo below on his Twitter account, shortly after the Ferguson Grand Jury decision, with this message:

No matter who you are, what color skin you have, where you live, we are all in this together! This isn’t a Ferguson problem it’s a Global Problem! We need change NOW! What happened to humanity? #JusticeForMikeBrown.

reggie bush tweet ferguson palestine

Reggie Bush Tweet. Photo via

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