Presidential Candidates With Pee-wee Herman Voices Is Best Thing You’ll See Today

If it weren’t for the comedy that comes out of the election cycles, I think most of us would sit around in a chronic state of depression. Who the hell are all of these fellow Americans that support candidates that are total jackasses? Ugh!

Jimmy Fallon has released a video on YouTube that is comedy gold. I mean who can resist laughing at Pee-wee Herman dubbing himself over Ted Cruz saying:

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I don’t get angry often, but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that’ll do it every time!

As we all prepare to get enraged over the next dangerously idiotic thing Donald Trump spews or get flabbergasted with old Uncle Henry who insists Ted Cruz’s rebuttal is the next best thing to sliced bread – remember – without these bumbling buffoons we would miss out on the beauty that is political comedy.

Of course, it’s only comedy if they DON’T get elected, otherwise it quickly turns to tragedy.

Watch 2016 presidential candidates speaking with Pee-wee Herman voices here:

Featured image via Facebook and Flickr

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