Presidential Candidate Has Messiah Complex By Proxy — No Iran Deal Needed (VIDEO/Op-Ed)

Marco Rubio, (R-Fl.) in his own press release, praised himself today for being a part of a country that has never needed saving and bashed the Iran peace deal as unnecessary because the U.S.A. has the biggest “economy.”

The press release was supposed to be a statement about how the entire premise that we need a peace deal with Iran is false. According to Rubio, part of the GOP clown-car ticket for presidential candidates, in a statement that meandered about and, in my opinion, NEVER ONCE said anything of substance:

President Obama’s entire premise for his deeply flawed deal with Iran was destroyed today by a simple question and an honest response.

Well, I read the rest of the statement, and that was the only thing in the statement that addressed this. Here is the problem: The “simple question” and it’s “honest response” are not in the statement. There are no facts to back up the myriad of “we have learneds” that are included in the statement. Honestly you’d probably have to be in fourth grade to feel that you had learned something by reading it.

The closing comment in this “press release” statement of limited appeal is the most disingenuous: “[A]dministration officials have even indicated that they are not certain whether President Obama would abide by the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act and maintain sanctions on Iran if Congress rejects this deal.” Am I the only one that sees this statement as saying NOTHING? Well, it says that someone — who, we don’t know — said that they don’t know if the president will abide by the current pieces of law if Congress rejects the peace deal. It also ignores the fact that the rest of the world may not abide by the sanctions anyway, which Rubio admits to in the video below. Fear-mongering and vilification aside, no one can know what the next move will be until it is announced. Also, I am still looking in the statement for any information that backs up the premise that the need for the deal was destroyed. There is conjecture, questions, and propagandized verbiage, yet nothing on the question, nor the answer, that the statement is supposed to be talking about.

I believe I am not alone in thinking that the Right Wing is nearly entirely populated by those that live in fear and feel entitled to having more than others. I am also positive that one of the reasons that you aren’t hearing much from this candidate is that he is keeping his head down, much like Hillary Clinton who may remain front-runner by ignoring her opposition, because his opponents are all pretty un-electable. He doesn’t need huge amounts of popularity to make a deal with Bubba Gump Trump to pull out of the race and not run as a third party, which will leave Rubio with no one to run against really. This man may have a very good shot at the nomination, which scares the living shit out of me. I don’t mind the caricatures of Trump the Pumped Chump, Evil Muenster look-alike Cruz, and the other… what,  like 12 candidates? They are criminals, jokers and crazies. Rubio is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or a Trojan Horse… He looks sane on the outside, especially compared to the likes of indicted Rick Perry and “Kristie Kreme,” but is he?

This press release is from July 29, 2015. Why is that important? Well, after the italicized and meaningless quote from Rubio came a real gem I’d like to share with you all: Why Rubio really thinks that we don’t need a peace deal with Iran comes down to him believing that the country is God-like in nature. I thought we had left this manifest destiny, go to war ’cause god wants us to have everything and everyone else to have nothing shit in our past.

‘Why I find this all absurd is this idea that somehow the U.S. must now do this, because the world would be really upset at us,’ Rubio said during the hearing. ‘The last time I checked this country saved the rest of the world on at least two occasions in the last century. I don’t remember the last time the world saved America.’

What unmitigated crap. I always wondered why they called them the World Wars instead of the U.S. Saved the World Wars, didn’t you? We participated in two of the biggest wars ever, and we were instrumental in winning them. However, to discount that the rest of the world didn’t help “save itself” is more hubris than should be able to fit in one compact human-shaped package. What shows a nearly sociopathic disregard for facts, though, is this: How does he figure that we didn’t need f*cking saving when we owe over 5 trillion dollars to other countries that bailed us out, 1.3 trillion to China alone. 18 trillion is a huge National Debt, and we have had to go to other countries to help us finance this oligarchy and military machine. They “saved us” did they not? Now they own us, in part, but I guess killing other people more than others did is what the U.S. did to save the world? Killing is pretty god-like, I guess.

Rubio, you fool, The U.S.A. is #1 in external debt; we have had to be saved more than any other country, mostly due to the attitude of people like you, whom think that war fixes anything. Gee, I guess you are right, it is WAY better to have a war with Iran than a peace deal, maybe then the next president will be able to enter into “saving the world” for a third time. Having had a president for the last six years who knows we look stupid measuring the U.S. economy against others as a power trip, like measuring dicks instead of talking it out, has made us look less sophomoric to the rest of the world, especially since without the rest of the world, especially China, “pumping” it up, we’d have lost already.

No thanks, we don’t need a man who thinks he is God because the U.S.A. has a huge military leading us anywhere. We also don’t need a man who would rather continue with sanctions against the opinion of rest of the world than seek peace. He may want to exercise his god-complex in WWIII, but we are sick to goddamn death of the wars.

Relevant portion at 2:00:


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