President Obama’s TWEET Shows Trump The RIGHT Way To Recognize Veterans On Memorial Day

Today was Memorial Day, which must mean we all devoted at least one second of solemn reflection to our fighting men and women, prior to returning to public drunkenness on boats and vertical food distribution. But if  there’s anyone who’s just the right amount of gaudy and obnoxious to feign appreciation for the troops, it’s rich b*tch Donald Trump.

Despite trying to present himself as a hero among our active an inactive troops, our uniformed men and women are about as impressed with Trump as Megyn Kelly is. Hell, the man totally crapped on them on 3 separate occasions. Nonetheless, Trump will continue burnishing an image as a loud tough guy, despite having absolutely no experience dealing with sensitive matters of war and peace and the policy that governs it.

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Despite the fact that President Obama is a Kenyan Muslim who wants to tax little girls with lemonade stands and kick homeless veterans, his actions towards the troops have been nothing short of stellar. In fact, it was President Obama who vetoed a Republican bill that sought to strip benefits from veterans. So it was only natural that he would offer the troops great praise and dignified respect on Memorial Day.

Trump, however, just can’t control himself. 

Below are tweets made by President Obama and Donald Trump in recognition of the troops for Memorial Day. The difference between them couldn’t be any more stark. One comes from a thoughtful adult, the other comes from a b*tchy mean girl.


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No further questions.

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