President Obama To Host LGBT Pride Event And It’s A Big F*cking Deal

While the GOP falls over itself in its support of gay-bashing, incestuous pedophiles, President Obama is too busy living in the 21st century. President Obama, who has evolved on the issue of gay marriage to the point where he might actually say yes to a union with Joe Biden, will be hosting a reception at the White House on June 24th in celebration of Gay Pride month.

According to the Washington Blade, the upcoming reception will mark the “seventh such celebration at the White House.” It seems that advocates has used events in the past as a golden opportunity to influence President Obama’s opinion on key LGBT issues, such as The Defense of Marriage Act and repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

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This year’s event, however, holds extra weight since it will come in the days leading up to the Supreme Court’s decision on whether to make same-sex marriage legal.  Whereas George Bush showed himself to be as much a friend to gays as grammar teachers, President Obama has been quite the advocate. During his tenure as president, he has supported the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” as well as became the first siting president to openly support same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, each and every one of the gazillion Republicans running for president in 2016 have shown themselves to still be obsolete fossils (though they don’t believe in evolution, either) in their opposition to same-sex marriage. So hopefully they stay very far away from the OVal Office. After all, there have been enough crazies that have jumped the fence to get into the White House.

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