President Obama: ‘The Other Side Has Gone Off The Deep End’ And Want To ‘Burn The House Down’

President Obama has spent the weekend traveling down the west coast helping fundraiser for the DCCC, DSCC, and DNC ahead of the 2016 election. In his final fundraiser of Saturday night at the home of prominent interior designer Michael Smith and his spouse the Spanish ambassador, Obama had some choice words to say about the GOP.

He gave what New York Times press pooler Gardiner Harris called a “stripped-down version of his stump speech” that POTUS has been giving on this round of fundraising. Like he typically does, President Obama took some questions before the press pool was ushered out back to their holding pin.

After a review of his successes, the President admitted that wages and income has continued to stagnate, despite the increase in jobs and successes of the markets. He conceded that this is the cause of some economic anxiety, saying, “when people are anxious economically, the politics of fear oftentimes can override the politics of hope.”

He went on to acknowledge that this kind of anxiety can go on to express itself in the form of hateful anti-immigration rhetoric and “in cheap jingoism and militarism and nationalism that’s not grounded in our national security interests. And it’s a dangerous path.”

Obama continued by saying he was proud of Democrats who have made courageous votes in the last several years, despite the fact that he himself is not “intrinsically partisan.”

Acknowledging some of the likely frustration from these liberals, Obama said he’s criticized by fellow Democrats for not being partisan enough.

I’m one of them. I’ve long-held that it would be nice if the GOP could make a deal, if compromise was possible and we could all agree we had the same goals, it would be different. Instead there are 40 members of the teabagger caucus who are holding our government hostage because they support anarchy. If that’s how it’s going to be, I don’t understand why we even try. The discussion with the moderate right should simply be “get your shit together and then we’ll talk.”

Obama told the donors:

But I will tell you at this moment in history, the choices are stark. And facts, evidence and values are on our side. And the other side has gone off the deep end. And what you’re witnessing in the House fight right now is that even deeply conservative folks are not considered ideologically pure enough and we would rather burn the House down than admit the possibility of democratic process that requires compromise.

He said voters must work harder. It’s true, we must. We can’t just vote, we need to register voters and ensure they get to the polls. When we took our foot off the gas in 2010 we not only lost big that year – we’ve continued to lose because of redistricting and gerrymandering.

Obama stated:

If you let it pass, then you’ve got people in charge who don’t believe in climate change. So I feel  as much urgency about this upcoming election as I’ve felt about any election, and I am not on the ballot.

He continued:

I definitely need a Democratic successor because the alternatives we’ve got are not what I had in mind.

Ideally one who will stand up more to the right wing terrorists.


Feature image via Austen Hufford/Flickr

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