President Obama Posts Video Highlighting His Accomplishments At SOTU

President Obama will be delivering his final State of the Union address tonight and anticipation will be high. Promising not to deliver a “traditional” address, President Obama will not only lay out his vision for his last year but also for what he hopes to see in the years to come. He’s leaving one chair empty tonight, in honor of those lost to gun violence, and his guest is a Syrian refugee who is also a dedicated scientist. This will be one for the books.

In preparation, President Obama posted a video to Twitter, with the caption ‘One last time,’ highlighting his journey from his very first State of the Union, in anticipation for tonight. It reminds us all why we support him. It reminds us why we voted for him – twice.

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In 2009, when he took to the House chamber for the first time, he inherited two wars, the worst financial situation since the Great Depression and already unprecedented obstruction.

At his first address, he echoed the words, “We will rebuild. We will recover. And the United States of America will emerge stronger than before.”

And look where we are now. The unemployment rate is down. The uninsured rate is down. Foreign dependency on oil is down. Graduation rates are up. Our dependency on solar energy is up.

Don’t believe it? Just click the link below and watch the video, which highlights what it means to be a Democrat and an Obama supporter:

No one can deny that President Obama has delivered on most of his promises laid out in his SOTU addresses.

He pledged more affordable and accessible health care. He delivered.

He promised jobs. He delivered.

He promised action on immigration, guns and gay rights. He delivered.

After cleaning up the mess of the last presidency and facing opposition the likes of which this country has ever seen, it’s pretty safe to say President Obama will not only deliver this time but take Republicans to task for their undying tirade against him and the progress he’s unleashed.

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