President Obama Just Trolled Trump In Front Of The Entire World (VIDEO)

In what was President Obama’s last (and perhaps greatest) address to the United Nations, he devoted part of his speech to taking down Donald Trump’s foolish and impractical promise to build a wall on the US-Mexican border.  In doing so, President Obama spoke of the world as an ongoing struggle between those looking for healthy compromises and those purely motivated by greed and selfishness.

Clearly furious with enduring obstruction and self-interest from right-wingers, President Obama was unapologetic in his disdain for people who do nothing but spread fear and hate (ahem, Trump).

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We cannot dismiss these visions. They are powerful. They reflect dissatisfaction among too many of our citizens. I do not believe those visions can deliver security or prosperity over the long-term, but I do believe that these visions fail to recognize at a very basic level our common humanity. Moreover, I believe that the acceleration of travel and technology and telecommunications, together with a global economy that depends on a global supply chain, makes it self-defeating ultimately for those who seek to reverse this progress. Today, a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself.

How these Republicans can continue to perpetuate the immensely erroneous belief that Obama destroyed America–and is the worst president– is beyond any Pharmaceutical solution. Obama could cure cancer and they would say that curing cancer is bad for small businesses.

Notwithstanding all the manufactured right-wing noise, President Obama remains one of the most popular departing presidents.

Watch the video below:

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