President Obama Jokes With Jimmy Fallon ‘We’re Happy Trump Is The Nominee’ (VIDEO)

There are a lot of reasons to hate the fact that Trump got the nomination. It verifies just how badly backward, hateful and racist the Republican party is – despite their insistence otherwise. There’s also just the idea of an orange orangutan as our President. Pick your reason, they’re all valid.

However, President Obama reminded us on the Tonight Show that despite all the reasons why it shouldn’t have happened, both he himself and other Democrats are actually pretty happy that Trump is the nominee.

He joked with Jimmy Fallon about it, explaining what he meant. Democrats simply can’t wait to tear into Donald and make Republicans lose in a historical way and while the concept of a Trump presidency is terrifying, at the end of the day, he knows Americans will come together and do the right thing – that being denying Donald his prize.

President Obama is right on both accounts. Even though Donald is an incredible danger to America, he will be almost laughable when we come together and give him and the Republican party a defeat they will never forget.

Watch the multi-part video below of President Obama’s full Tonight Show appearance:

Featured image via video screen capture

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