President Obama Has Given 13 Speeches On Mass Shootings, His Latest Is Devastating (VIDEO)

A gun massacre in America is no longer a gun massacre, but rather just a Tuesday.  Like with all these egregious but seemingly quotidian gun tragedies, each side goes to its respective corner and gripes; nothing substantial will happen until small penis pills are covered under Obamacare. The latest shooting at a gay night club in Orlando, in which a deranged radical Muslim shot and killed 50 people, mark the highest body count to date. So hopefully a REAL discussion on the dangers of radical Islam arises, not just Trump using it as an excuse to maintain his ban on ALL Muslims.

President Barack Obama’s sharp and aggressive remarks on last years’ shooting incident in San Bernadino marked the 12th time he has had to address a mass shooting since he entered office. That’s right–he’s now had to address 13 f*king  mass shootings since taking office in 2009. And since crazy religion can’t handle its worst offenders, and since Republicans prefer donations from the NRA more than living Americans, innocent lives have to be lost at a dance club for f*ck’s sake!

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Sadly, President Obama is so well-rehearsed by now that we sort of see it as being perfunctory at this point. Case in point, we usually hear “Thoughts and prayers to the families.” “We don’t yet know all the facts.” “Mass shootings are all too common,” and “Congress could do something about it.” But President Obama could care less and he’s not about to give up his fight for sensible gun control measures.

The unfortunate, and unnecessary, amount of addresses President Obama has had to make after a gun massacre compelled me to make a video mash-up of President Obama’s addresses on some of the more grizzly gun shootings. So it might be best to play this for any gun-toting ammosexuals you might know, though they will inevitably just scream incoherent “my god given second amendment” nonsense at the screen.

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