President Obama Gets Into It With TV Anchor During Testy Interview (VIDEO)

President Obama sat down with Jorge Ramos and discussed immigration recently. The conversation was not the smoothest interview, that’s for sure. There were many interruptions between the two, mainly because the TVanchor didn’t allow the President to finish a complete sentence.

President Obama during the interview. Pic via buzzfeed

President Obama during the interview. Pic via buzzfeed

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Here is some of the dialogue that transpired between them:

Ramos to the President:

As you were saying, you already had the legal authority to stop deportations, then why did you deport two million people? For six years you did it. You destroyed many families. They called you deporter-in-chief.

This caused a back and forth with the President responding adamantly:

That is not true. Listen, here’s the fact of the matter….

Ramos (interrupting):

You could have stopped them.

Obama tried his best to explain that one man does not run the entire government and that he attempted to pass immigration reform through Congress before deciding to take action. Ramos did not completely understand this and pressed the President for more answers.

Here is a portion of their exchange below:

The pair also discussed the recent CIA torture report and Jorge Ramos did a good job here, at least, of asking the tough questions:

Is this the responsibility of President Bush? Did he betray American values?

President Obama seemed to step around this issue, and instead of blaming Bush, ended by saying “terrible mistakes were made,” but he hesitated to blame anyone in particular.

Watch this portion of the video here:

H/T: President Obama interview | Featured Image: Youtube screen grab

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