President Obama FINALLY Burns Palin For ‘Hopey Changey’ Dig – And It Was Worth The Wait (VIDEO)

Even if the throwers of poop in today’s insane GOP made President Obama’s life a living hell in his first term, he has gotten the last laugh. During his last few years in office, Obama seems ready and willing to make mince meat out of his Republican haters.

Regardless of your political views, one must readily admit that President Obama has an excellent sense of humor and is naturally witty. Moreover, he’s always willing to be self-deprecating as well as ready to deliver a stinging one-liner to his GOP opposition.

Case in point, Sarah Palin.

Everyone’s least favorite snow grifter has been making ridiculously stupid and false statements about Obama, ever since John mcCain unleashed her onto America in 2008. She’s famous for her sickeningly folksy but downright offensive lies about the president, including claiming that then candidate Obama was “palling around with terrorists,” which was an attempt to link Obama to Weather Underground member Bill Ayers. After she lost the election, she went on to mock Obama with a pointed dig at his campaign of optimism by rhetorically asking “How’s that hopey-changey thing working for ya?” Well, Obama finally struck back and it was worth the wait.

Speaking to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, the soon to be leaving president took a moment to take one parting shot at Sarah Palin.

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