President Obama Excited To Finally Start Hitting The Campaign Trail For This Candidate

It’s no surprise that President Obama hasn’t officially endorsed anyone running for president, because he clearly wanted to see who’s going to be the Democratic nominee before throwing his full support behind anyone. However, with Hillary Clinton only a handful of delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination, Obama has now started to take the steps to show not only his support, but his campaigning skills as well.

According to the New York Times:

President Obama, after months on the sidelines of the rancorous contest to succeed him, is now ready to aggressively campaign for Hillary Clinton, starting with a formal endorsement of her candidacy as early as this week.

The White House is in active conversations with Mrs. Clinton’s campaign about how and where the president would be useful to her.


Advisers say that the president, who sees a Democratic successor as critical to his legacy, is impatient to begin campaigning. They say he is taking nothing for granted.

With Bernie Sanders claiming he’s going to take his fight for the nomination to the Democratic Convention, it’s clear his only path to victory is to try to overturn superdelegates, go against the popular vote, and ignore the pledged delegate count, which has clearly been in Clinton’s favor since the start of the primaries. President Obama seems to be fully aware that despite what Sanders says, Clinton will be the Democratic nominee, and will be the presumptive nominee after this Tuesday’s primary contests.

If there’s anyone capable of campaigning and securing a victory for the Democrats, it’s Barack Obama. According to Jennifer Psaki, President Obama’s communications director:

He’s indicated he wants to spend a lot of time on the campaign trail, so when it’s time to do that, we’ll go out guns ablazing. We are actively thinking through how to use the president on the campaign trail — what works for the nominee, what works for him, and how to utilize his strengths and his appeal.

The fight for the White House this November is going to be brutal and Democrats need to come together, no matter what, and unify behind the nominee, because a Donald Trump presidency would not only be disastrous for the nation, but the entire world. No one knows this more than our current Commander-in-Chief, and it’s up to us to follow his lead.

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