President Obama DESTROYS the Right-Wing Lie That He Isn’t Going After ISIS (VIDEO)

The warmongers in the GOP would have us all believe that President Obama is doing NOTHING to combat ISIL and that we are in imminent danger of an attack on our soil. As if to tell the querulous and timid Republicans,”hush, now, we got this,” the president held a press conference to set our minds at ease.

With a lot of us planning holiday travel, the GOP’s need to feed the fear machine in America can cause a lot of extra stress that we just don’t need. So, the president has just taken the time to not only remind us of what is being done to combat the ideological nemesis, but also to reassure us that there have been “NO specific and credible threats” to the USA at this time.

Oh, and if there is a specific, credible threat, unlike Bush who ignored them, the public will be informed. 

Of course he isn’t advocating that we throw caution to the wind either, and still encourages us to be vigilant as we go about out business, and “if you see something suspicious, say something,” he just isn’t surrendering to the terrorists, like the GOP, by allowing them to dictate the American way of life.

Listen to President Obama’s refusal to allow the GOP fear machine to dominate the media here: 


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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