President Obama Can’t Run Again, But May Have Killed Another Romney Run (VIDEO)

Even if last November’s midterm election–with the lowest voter turnout in history– was just the right amount of white and uninformed to give the obstructionist Republican crazies total control of the asylum, President Obama is ascendant and essentially telling Republicans “Come at me!” It appears to be working, too, with his approval rating jumping to a 19 month high.

Mitt Romney, who apparently feels that voters didn’t find him crappy enough the first two times, has all but declared a third presidential run.

Mitt’s kind of like the crappy Christmas sweater of GOP candidates; everyone knows they’re getting him, but they have to feign enthusiasm. 

In any case, the corporate mannequin is still finding himself getting smacked down by President Obama. During Thursday’s House Democratic Issues Conference, President Obama has fun bragging about the influence he’s having on Republicans, including laying into Mitt Romney.

“We’ve got a former presidential candidate on the other side who suddenly is just deeply concerned about poverty. (Laughter.) That’s great! Let’s go! Come on! Let’s do something about it!” said President Obama (Daily Banter)


Romney, still not able to buy a sense of humor with all his millions, took to Twitter to retaliate.

Did President Obama Just Smack Mitt Romney Right Out Of The 2016 Presidential Race    The Daily Banter

 Of course, but a few hours later Mittens was on a conference call with his political circle, talking about how he probably won’t be running despite beating pretty much every potential Republican opponent.

“After putting considerable thought into making another run for president, I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee,’’ Mr. Romney was expected to tell supporters, according to remarks prepared for the call.

“I’ve been asked, and will certainly be asked again, if there are any circumstances whatsoever that might develop that could change my mind,’’ he was to say on the call. “That seems unlikely. Accordingly, I’m not organizing a PAC or taking donations; I’m not hiring a campaign team.” (Daily Banter)

Are we really ready to believe the guy with all the free time and money in the world is simply going to let Rand Paul or Ted Cruz lose to Hillary? This is a man who has made losing elections the new black dress. In any case, Romney may not ever find it within himself to cite it, but his utterly awkward espousal of economic populism and the just ridicule (like from President Obama) that it received might have factored into his decision. I mean, it’s not as if anything could get any more awkward than watching him rail against a healthcare concept he first started as governor of Massachusetts.

It’s not as if there wont be a short supply of humor if Romney doesn’t run, but watching Mitt happen yet again is not something any humorist or political writer should take for granted. If only the political comedy gods make sure that Chris Christie runs, then all might be well in the universe. In the meantime, let’s hope that Mitt forever remains the vapid, awkward, creepy, out-of-touch 1 percenter that we all know him to be.

H/T: Daily Banter

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