President Obama Calls Out Republicans For ‘Peddling Fiction’ On His Economic Recovery

At his final State of the Union, President Barack Obama touted his truly remarkable economic recovery. When he took the podium in the House chamber for the first time, the United States was experiencing its worst economic recession since the Great Depression, two wars were raging (and dragging the American economy down with it) and Americans were losing jobs at a record rate.

Yesterday, as President Obama stood in the well for the final time, the unemployment rate has been cut in half. The deficit has been cut by three-fourths, private sector job growth has hit its 70th straight month of net gain. The uninsured rate has plummeted and Obamacare has allowed millions of Americans access to healthcare.

These are things Republicans don’t want to acknowledge. These are things Republicans try to muddy in order to fit their twisted ideology.

And to that, President Obama has one message:

The United States of America, right now, has the strongest, most durable economy in the world. Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.

President Obama could have said it a little harsher, but alas, he is a classy man. His statements may or may not have been a stab at Speaker Paul Ryan, who just hours before the address, accused President Obama’s recovery of being weak, and actually said he deserves very little credit. And why shouldn’t Obama be given credit? According to Ryan: “Wages are stagnant … 46 million people are still living in poverty today, among the highest poverty rates in a generation.”

Wages are stagnant? I’m sorry, who are the ones not raising the minimum wage? Who are the ones that cut food stamps and yanked away unemployment insurance?

Further into the address, Obama reiterated his message, calling the rhetoric against his economic and diplomatic recovery “hot air.” Since the days of John “Show me the jobs” Boehner, Republicans have been nothing but hot air.

Looks like all the Democratic pundits were right – Obama used his final State of the Union to smackdown Republican nay-sayers and ideologues alike. All the while, Democrats in the House chamber rose to their feet in bursts of applause while Paul Ryan sat smugly in his new, fancy chair.

Last night, President Obama smacked down Republicans in the classiest way possible – with a dose of truth, and whole lotta’ tough love.

Could anyone imagine Donald Trump doing this? He’d be calling the people hot air, not the lying extremists.

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