President Obama Brilliantly Trolls Republicans On Twitter Over Refugee Panic (IMAGES)

Republicans seem to be giving America a severe case of “brown person hysteria disorder” these days, with all their vilification of the Middle Eastern people they forced to flee their home countries. One can see why, since every single refugee is a portrait of human suffering that was caused by their failed war in Iraq.

They are literally classifying all of these people as potential terrorists, despite the fact many of them are children. The refugees have fled their homes because ISIS, the terrorist state we created by destabilizing the region, gave them the ultimatum “convert or die”. Of course, the only response Republicans can muster is to show that “all lives matter” by saying “not in my backyard!” This is the same political party that wanted to build a wall against Mexico because of ISIS, before Donald Trump made it ok to simply be racist against Mexicans.

President Obama took to his Twitter account yesterday, shaming Republicans one more time on their complete abandonment of American values towards immigrants and refugees, and it was perfect.

The responses were as you would imagine. People were complaining that the Paris terrorists sneaked into France as refugees (hint: exactly zero of them were refugees). There were others who, of course, used homeless vets as the excuse why we can’t help refugees. The fact is we want to help our vets but Republicans just keep habitually blocking any effort to do so. Finally one complete genius actually said “But what about the 911 attackers you let in?” This was President Obama they accused of letting 911 attackers into the country.

Featured image via Flickr

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