President Obama Begins Final Year With Zero F*cks Left–Slams Gun Lobby, Calls For Action

President Obama spent far too much time in 2015 addressing the nation about senseless gun violence. From the time the ball dropped on 2014 and the new year kicked in, the violence was unpredictably harsh. Mass shootings, shootings involving more than three people, happened in America on a daily basis. School shooters killed indiscriminately once again as right-wing terrorists joined Muslim jihadists in squeezing off enough murderous rounds that the frustration was seen and felt at the highest level.

Unfortunately, like most issues facing our society, Republicans in congress and the puppetmasters from the gun companies pulling their strings have tied the president’s hands, shooting down every single measure proposed to make America safer from guns. Not only can we not ask for universal background checks and the closing of the private sale/gun show loophole, we now aren’t allowed to ask that people on terrorist watch lists be forbidden from buying a gun, just in case a law abiding citizen made the list by accident.

The rights of that one mythical person apparently trump the safety of the rest of us. The truth of the matter is that the gun companies don’t want murderers to be barred from buying weapons. Guns are the only business where mass murder is actually good for sales.

That’s because every time one happens, especially with an assault rifle, the ammosexuals think the president is going to outlaw their AR15’s and run out and buy more. The truth is, short of an executive order that affects the agencies under the purview of the executive branch of the Federal government, there is little President Obama can actually do. That’s not stopping him, however, from using his last year to do everything he possibly can.

The President started the new year by announcing that he will meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and call on the American people to help him do whatever is necessary to stem the bleeding in our country caused by guns. The President isn’t about to sit back and let his final year pass him by. Barack Obama is a man of action.

The LA Times reports:

In his weekly radio address released Friday, Obama urged Americans to stand with him if they share his belief that the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms also leaves room for restrictions on gun ownership by ‘an irresponsible, dangerous few.’

‘The rest of us are going to have to be just as passionate and well-organized in our defense of our kids,’ the president said.


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