Prepare For The Trumpocalypse — Trump May Lose His Sh*t When He Sees Latest Reuters Poll

Could this be the beginning of the end? Could it be? Has Trump finally pushed his brand of narcissism, lunacy and depravity too far? We can only hope.

Reuters released the results of their most recent poll which shows Trump tumbling a full 12 percentage points in less than a week. They note this is the “biggest decline since he vaulted to the top of the field in July.”

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November 22, Trump polled favorable with 43 percent of Republican voters (a barf-worthy statistic). On November 27, a mere five days later, he was at 31 percent. While he still remains the (barf-worthy) front-runner, maybe this recent drop is a sign that some of those supportive conservatives are starting to feel a bit of indigestion.

Perhaps Trump will be feeling it, too. For a man who has built half of his campaign using hate speech, and the other half bragging about his poll numbers, a drop in those numbers will surely bring a bit of discomfort.

Reuters points out a few of the events that they believe contributed to the recent drop. Shortly after the attacks in Paris, Trump said he would require muslims citizens to carry special identification, and track muslim citizens in registries while closing some mosques in the United States.

These comments prompted many of his fellow GOPers to call him a fascist.

Or, perhaps it was the racist meme created by a neo-nazi white supremacist that Trump re-tweeted. That debacle prompted Bill O’Reilly to go head to head with Trump. The Fox News personality shockingly did not let Trump off the hook when he said he couldn’t be bothered to fact check such things.

No, wait, it was probably “that time in band camp” when dear Donald claimed to see with his own eyes “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating on rooftops while the twin towers fell across the river. Except, he didn’t see that because it didn’t happen.

That sorry affair then led to the latest Trump-fail, in which the businessman turned off-the-chain politician thought it would be a good idea to make fun of a reporter’s physical disability, then deny he did so, even though video shows him doing exactly that. As if that was not bad enough, he released a statement demanding an apology for being called out on the bullying, childish behavior.

How sad that these are the antics of a United States of America presidential candidate and how sad is it that someone capable of such antics is STILL the front-runner of the GOP clown car.

Featured image via Flickr/Davey Toons

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