Preet Bharara Hilariously Trolls Donald Trump Jr. For Failing At Grade School Level Spelling (TWEETS)

If there’s one thing that has become abundantly clear over the past year or so, it’s that the Trump family isn’t all that bright — especially when it comes to spelling. They can manage to misspell even the simplest of words and seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that spell check is a thing.

On Tuesday, which was the Fourth of July, Donald Trump Jr. sent out a tweet asking “what exactly are Big Govt, opprressive taxation, anti 2A left wing socialists celebrating today?”

Former United States Attorney Preet Bharara, who was fired while investigating Trump after repeated assurances that his job was secure, responded to Junior’s misspelled tweet by hilariously trolling him for failing at grade school level spelling.

“Also we might celebrate the ability of immigrant spelling bee contestants to know that ‘oppressive’ has only one “r.” Build a wwallll,” Bharara tweeted back at Trump’s son.

Bharara wasn’t the only one to point out Junior’s error.

You would think that since these people are supposed to be the “First Family,” they would try a little harder to avoid making themselves look like complete morons. Alas, we are asking too much. The Trump’s would be an embarrassment at a third-grade spelling bee, so is it any wonder that they humiliate the United States on a daily basis?

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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