Ted Cruz And His Weirdo Followers Turn A Campaign Stop Into An Evangelical Revival

Question: What do you do if you’re running for President and you don’t have a chance in hell of winning? Well, if your Evangelical Tea Party Screwball, Ted Cruz, you ask your supporters to pray you into office. At a campaign event in Nashville this past Tuesday, the indignant Cruz gave a short campaign speech warning his base about the evils of Planned Parenthood and his righteous plan to defund the sinister organization, followed by a bizarre prayer circle and laying on of hands led by Cruz’s family Pastor, Gaylon Wiley.

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The strange episode began with a short story told by Cruz about his once Atheist father, and how he was saved by the good Pastor, Gaylon Wiley. Shortly after, Pastor Wiley was brought up onto the stage to lay hands on the pious Senator and to ask the crowd to stretch their hands forward and join together in prayer as they collectively asked God to make Ted Cruz the 45th President.

Now whether you’re a person of faith, a person of science or you fall somewhere in between, I think all but the most fanatical of zealots can agree that this kind of religious shenanigans has no place along the campaign trail. Our forefathers were wise enough to envision a country that adhered to a strict separation of church and state, and Cruz’s overt disregard for that maxim is the worst kind of political perversion.

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Image Courtesy: Gage Skidmore Flickr

Video Courtesy: Max Nelson via YouTube

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