POTUS Responds To Little Girl In Viral Video Crying Because He Is Leaving Office (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama is well known for his compassion for children. Children seem to really love him, and he is just so genuine with them, then again, if your aren’t genuine with children they tend to catch on to that really fast.

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In this video, posted by Caprina D. Harris, a little girl learns that her president, a man who has led the country literally her whole life, must leave office. “I’m not ready,” wails the precious little angel and it is hard not to sympathize, we just are not ready either. Caprina’s post from February 15th, quickly went viral, and you can honestly see why:


The saddest part for her? Well, this little politico shares a birthday with the POTUS, and we all know our “birthday buddies” just hold a special place in our hearts.

The Facebook post by Caprinia reads:

On Saturday morning just before Gymnastics, My Dranbaby [SIC] found out that our President Barack Obama was no longer going to be our President!!! He has been her President all of her life and Yes her birthday is also on AUGUST 4!!!! My poor baby!!!

What could possibly make this little girl feel any better? Well, a personal message from the president, on her grandma’s post, probably fit that bill:

Screen capture from Facebook

Screen capture from Facebook


This perfect answer is just reason three billion four hundred and fifty two thousand that we love President Obama.


Featured image via Facebook

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