@POTUS Just Reminded The Entire World Why No Republican Can Do His Job (TWEETS)

President Obama decided to remind the voting public and the world that he is in fact the man. In a series of tweets, the President took a stroll through memory lane, laying waste to all the naysayers and haters out there with charts, graphs and facts.

The number one complaint you’ll hear about this president from the right is how “he’s destroying our economy.” They can’t ever explain why, but it matters not. Breitbart and The Blaze say it so it must be true.

President Obama is a no-nonsense kind of guy who responds to the ignorance he faces daily with grace and just the right bit of snark. With his administration winding down, it’s only fitting that he take a few moments to remind the world just what he’s done for their number one economy. It’s fitting that he remind the American voters how we got into this mess and how he’s driven us out.

Most importantly it’s important that the people running from office don’t distance themselves from this great president because some poll says he’s unpopular. He has America on track to be strong again and deficit free. Considering where we were when he took office, he’s basically performed a miracle.

As you can see, each tweet was a response to the last, taking out the haters who came by such intelligent remarks as “ur a Muslim” and ” impeach Obummer.” In one fell swoop, with one awesome set of facts and some great infographics, President Obama most certainly did remind us that no Republican would have gotten us this far this fast and we can’t afford to even let them try.

Featured image: Twitter

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