POTUS Had Some Fun With The Democratic Candidates At The WH Correspondents’ Dinner (VIDEO)

President Obama laid into Reince Priebus pretty hard for his party’s failure of a campaign season. He smacked a couple of Republican Senators good and hard over the Merrick Garland hearings that are never gonna happen and he hit Cruz and Trump pretty squarely on the chin. All in all it was a shorter-than-expected yet plentiful monologue with a little bit of something for everyone, including the Democratic candidates.

Hillary Clinton wasn’t at the event, but Bernie Sanders was, collecting a huge round of applause when he was introduced and given a good dose of snark while he was the subject of the president’s attention. The president expressed overall approval of Sanders’ platform, though he did poke some fun at his fundraising and manage to squeeze in “comrade.”

When it came to Hillary things got a little more brutal. Hillary wasn’t there to defend herself as the president went on to make her sound like the old lady who lived in a shoe more than a 40-year public servant. It was, of course, all in good fun and was immediately dispelled as the joke that it was.

Performances like the one at the Correspondents’ dinner are what will make people miss President Barack Obama. His style and grace combined with that genuine feeling that he cares, added to a first class sense of humor and a delivery that won’t quit, made us lucky enough to see what history will truly remember about a great man after hate and ignorance have long since been forgotten.

Watch President Obama tear into Hillary and Bernie below:

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