Potential Trump Appointee Forced To Apologize After His Muslim Extermination Fantasy Goes Public

Allen West is a disgraced member of the United States Army. He retired with much fanfare amid accusations that the was cruel to a prisoner in his care. Once he was booted from the Army, West became a Florida Congressman. Then, he was voted out. Just when we thought he was gone from our lives forever he’s back, this time as a potential member of the Trump Administration. However, that does not come without its share of controversy, either.

When it was learned that West was among those meeting with Trump’s transition team at Trump Tower, people started scrutinizing West more, as is natural. That’s when a most despicable meme was found on West’s website. The meme referenced another Trump pick, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis. The meme is a photo of Mattis, with the following caption:

“Fired by Obama to please the Muslims. Hired by Trump to exterminate them.”

Here is a screen capture of the post from West’s Facebook page that is causing the uproar:


Of course, West’s website had to try and clean this one up fast. His Editor-in-Chief, Michele Hickford, quickly released a statement, saying:

“As editor in chief, I must take full responsibility for this, although I was not the one who posted it, and it was posted without my knowledge. I neither condone nor support the message included in the meme. This meme was not created by me or any of our writers. It was reposted from another source.The image has been removed. Its message was despicable, offensive to many, and a terrible error in judgement by the person who posted it. Furthermore, it does not reflect Col. West’s beliefs, principles and values.”

Sure it doesn’t reflect what Allen West thinks. We all know how folks on your side of the aisle feel about Muslims. This nonsense should get ALL of you, including Allen West, investigated. To publicly fantasize about genocide against an already persecuted population of people makes you people dangerous. Further, after this, West has absolutely no business in any position of power.

Go away, Allen West. Go back under your rock and never come out again.

Featured image via Kevin Hagen/Getty Images

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