Potential Bernie Sanders/Ted Cruz No Holds Barred Debate Could Bypass National Committee Rules

Imagine, if you will, a political debate not bound by rules so restrictive as to affect the debate’s informative content. Doesn’t seem possible, does it? Well, IT COULD HAPPEN. Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz could face off in a left-wing/right-wing debate while successfully bypassing stringent Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee rules.

The first debate of the upcoming primary election season is scheduled for August 6, 2015, in Cleveland, where 10 of the 16 declared Republican presidential candidates will bumble, bluster, attack, sidestep and… well… you get the picture. Both Republican and Democratic National Committees have declared that any candidate taking part in any “unsanctioned” debate will be barred from participating in “sanctioned” debates. How to get around this rule? By taking your fight to the floor of the United States Senate!

Of course, the normal rules of civility so common to Senate floor debates would be followed, right? Well, not so fast. Senator Cruz has proven, very recently in fact, that he’s not above a little name-calling and mudslinging. We believe calling your Majority Leader a “liar” on the Senate floor certainly qualifies.

But then again, Senator Sanders has certainly shown himself to be no lightweight when it comes to speaking his mind.

It all seems so perfect. Maybe TOO perfect. Why is Ted Cruz so eager to debate Bernie Sanders? As Chris Matthews pointed out, the “right wing” support for Bernie Sanders is suspicious, at best. What is the Right’s motive. Trying to split the Democratic Party, maybe???

View Chris Matthews’ questioning regarding the Right’s support of Bernie Sanders, here:


Even with the cloud of suspicion hanging over the Right’s motives, we have to admit a Sanders/Cruz “no rules” debate would be a refreshing change in this political climate.

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