New Poll: Tea Party Members Think White People Face As Much Racism As Minorities

A new poll, released by the Public Religion Research Institute, confirms what liberals have known all along: white people wear their victimhood like a badge of honor. It also showed that there are some other significant differences between Republicans and Democrats.

The poll showed that nearly half of Republicans believe that there is “a lot” of discrimination against white people and Evangelical Christians, while there is less discrimination against black people. Even fewer Republicans believe that women or atheists experience discrimination.

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Even beyond that, by 3 to 1, Republicans feel that discrimination against white people is as bad as it is among minorities.

Views about reverse discrimination are also highly politically polarized. Roughly two-thirds of Republicans (64%) and Tea Party members (68%) agree that, today, discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against other groups. In contrast, fewer than half (45%) of independents and only about three in ten (28%) Democrats agree that discrimination against whites is as big a problem today as discrimination against blacks and other minorities. Seventy-one percent of Democrats disagree.

Not coincidentally, Republicans are also stuck in the past, from during a time when it was socially acceptable to discriminate against minorities.

The extent to which Americans express pessimism about the future varies widely by race, social class, religious af liation, and political af liation. Six in ten (60%) black Americans and a majori- ty (56%) of Hispanic Americans say that America’s best days are still to come, while fewer than half (47%) of white Americans agree. A majority (52%) of white Ameri- cans say America’s best days are behind us. There are substantial differences of opinion among whites by social class. Only about four in ten (42%) white working-class Americans say that America’s best days are still to come, compared to 56% who say they are in the past. Conversely, a majority (53%) of white college-educated Americans see America’s best days ahead of us.

Republicans, as usual, are short of facts. Discrimination is still a problem in this country, but it’s not toward white Christians. As the Huffington Post points out:

Affirmative action does not favor people of color over whites, but ensures that they are considered equally. Even now, white college students are 40% more likely to get private scholarships than minorities, and although 62% of college students in America are white, these students receive 69% of all private scholarships. Someone with a “white sounding” name is 50% more likely to get a job call back than a person with an “ethnic” sounding name. Affirmative action doesn’t take anything away from anyone. It levels the playing field.

Even more to the point, even Republicans would have to admit that it would be better to be pulled over as a white person than as a minority, right? Okay, maybe not. Denial is strong in that party.

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