Poll Shows Democrats and Republicans Trust Stewart And Colbert More Than Mainstream Media

It’s almost a Greek tragedy that Jon Stewart will be leaving us soon, forcing us to watch a marginally talented guy who has barely even lived here long enough to make a coherent Bush joke. Even sadder is how Stephen Colbert ditched his right-wing firebrand character of the Colbert Report to assume a new role as host of Late Show on CBS this Fall. What are thinking people to do during the 2016 Presidential Election, which is shaping up to be the 2012 Presidential Election on acid.

Notwithstanding, a new poll found that both Colbert and Stewart are the most trusted among Democrats and, surprisingly enough, Republicans. That Republicans trust them as well is a tad bit surprising, given both Stewart and Colbert’s liberal propensities. Indeed, we’ve reached a point in our stage 5 Idiocracy where fake news is WAY more trusted than the corporate vomitorium that is the MSM.

Reuters/Ipsos found that ‘newscasters’ Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were the favorite among viewers irrespective of political affiliation.

From the Reuters poll:

About 40 percent of Republicans say Jon Stewart shares their world view, at least some of the time. That’s just about 10 percentage points less than the country as a whole.

But beyond Stewart and Colbert, the former Comedy Central host, punditry largely appeals to the expected audience.

Consider [Bill] O’Reilly. In some ways, he has been Stewart’s foil in recent years. His Fox News program The O’Reilly Factor is among the top-rated shows on television. And he is largely admired by Republicans. But beyond the GOP, only a third admire him.

The poll also looked at 10 pundits in total. For example, in addition to Stewart and Colbert, the poll tracked Bill Maher, John Oliver, Rachel Maddow, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, and O’Reily. Naturally, the right-leaning talking heads had a harder time garnering support from those across the aisle.

O’Reilly’s ‘admiration’ rating, at 36 percent, was fifth-highest but tops among conservatives. Among the liberal crowd, only Rachel Maddow, at 32 percent, was lower. At the bottom, Rush Limbaugh’s score was just 25 percent, though he scored 52 percent among Republicans. (RingofFireRadio)

In short, those on the right are completely and utterly incapable of showing humility in their quest to stretch the truth like it were at Abu Grahb. And, unlike Stewart and Colbert who both are naturally witty and can even come up with humorous observations whilst doped on morphine, most right-wing pundits are only accidentally funny. In other words, they are only funny when they intend to be serious. So it’s too bad that the anointed kings of truthiness and political comedy will be leaving us. Luckily we still have Maher and Oliver.

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