Trump Wishes America ‘Happy New Year’ In A Way That Will Make You Cringe And Wish For Nixon (TWEETS)

Donald Trump, the newly elected joke of a (shuddering before I type the word) president, just sent out a “Happy New Year” tweet that will make you want to run for the border and help build that wall to protect yourselves from the new ‘Murica. Either that, or wish for Nixon to save us…


Passive aggressive much?

We took a screenshot of that tweet, just in case someone with half a brain reminds him to be gracious with his “well wishes” and delete it, but thankfully, the rest of the internet saw it anyway, and doesn’t let it get by them without some choice words and digs at Trump’s clear bout with delusion.

Seriously. Imagine that.

And the amazing interwebz continue to give us gold:


Even his supporters think he’s an asshole:

As one person mentioned above, can you imagine for one second (whether you like him or not) President Obama saying things like this? It’s ludicrous! And, America (yeah you – the ones who voted for Trump) ALLOWED this to happen.

So… Congrats, America. Happy New Year, I guess…

Featured Image via Getty/Drew Angerer

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