This State Wants Women To Get Consent From Abusers Before Having Abortion

He wants to do what!?

Todd Akin, you have been replaced by Missouri state Representative Rick Brattin, who has introduced a bill into the Mo. House that essentially says women must get written permission from the father of the fetus before having an abortion.

Of course, to save his hide, he added an exclusion for those who are “legitimately” raped or create a child through incest to be exempt from this law, but the kicker is, it must be a proven rape and with thousands and thousands of unreported or unsolved rapes, it means the female would be caught in red tape while the clock ticked away.

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Undoubtedly this is a way to discourage abortion in the state by letting the man decide what is best for women and their bodies.

This takes away bodily autonomy from women and essentially hands it over to her male partner.

Bodily autonomy is the concept, and law, that a person can use their body however they choose, it means no one can force you to donate a kidney to a dying person, even if you’re the only match in the world. Bodily autonomy even extends to the person after death, meaning no one can take your organs and donate them without your express consent. What this bill would do, is hand over the woman’s rights to her uterus to her male partner to make decisions for, AND THAT IS COMPLETELY WRONG. It also means the woman has less rights to her body than a corpse does.

Even worse, while child-bearing isn’t as dangerous as it used to be, it’s still the woman who assumes all the risks associated with pregnancy and birth, something a male partner might not consider in his decision to allow his “property” to abort or not.

What is more, many women are in abusive relationships and an abusive partner should never be given the power to control lifelong decisions for their female partner. A rapist who hasn’t been proven a rapist should never have to be consulted over this personal choice. This bill is mindbogglingly stupid and sexist.

I guess the GOP wasn’t getting anywhere with their Personhood bills; now they’re trying to get the male involved to talk some sense into these broads.

AARGH! The Representative’s email address is [email protected] if you would like to write him a nice letter.

H/T: Daily Kos | Photo: Image Buddy

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