The Washington Post’s New Motto Is One Giant ‘F*ck You’ To Trump And His War On Facts

The Washington Post has been on Trump’s enemies list forever, and now that he’s president many observers were worried the paper would begin to tone down their critical coverage in order to stay in his good graces. Instead, they just sent him a powerful “screw you.” The internet is loving it.

After Trump declared the free press the “enemy of the people” it was clear that he has no interest in maintaining that cornerstone of American democracy. Trump would rather the media endlessly praise him, like his friends at Fox News and Brietbart, rather than seriously cover his administration. If you are a media outlet who doesn’t cater to Trump’s vanity, you get smeared.

Thankfully, the Washington Post seems uninterested in indulging this would-be tyrant. Rather than cave, they doubled down on their commitment to hard facts. They even changed the paper’s motto to reflect this core value. Now on the masthead readers see this:

“Democracy Dies in Darkness”

Indeed it does. And nothing would make Trump happier. It’s astonishing how swiftly Trump and his followers have moved against the free press. With a brevity that would make a dictator blush, Trump has turned his fury on journalists. They stand between him and the lies which Trump considers his lifeblood. So his White House has begun an unending smear campaign against them to discredit their work.

CNN’s Brian Stelter confirmed with WaPo‘s spokesperson Kris Coratti that the paper would be using this motto as a sort of mission statement going forward in the Trump era:

“This is actually something we’ve said internally for a long time in speaking about our mission,” Coratti said. “We thought it would be a good, concise value statement that conveys who we are to the many millions of readers who have come to us for the first time over the last year.”

Well done, Washington Post.

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