Seth Meyers Catches Kellyanne Conway In A Blatant Lie About Trump’s Russia Briefing (VIDEO)

Earlier Tuesday, CNN broke the news of a controversial report regarding Trump’s “alleged” relationship with Russia which states that Russia has been “cultivating, supporting, and assisting Trump for years through surrogates communicating with Russian intermediaries.” The report also alleges that Trump has been involved in perverted sexual acts while visiting the country, including hiring prostitutes to urinate on his bed, which at one time was the same bed that President Obama and the first lady slept in when they visited Moscow.

BuzzFeed published the full document this afternoon, and as expected, Trump went completely insane, drawing even more attention to his embarrassing behavior, and took to Twitter to rant his complaints.

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This has been the hot topic for most of Tuesday, and it just so happened that Seth Meyers had the perfect person scheduled to appear on his show Late Night to discuss it with — Trump’s former campaign manager turned top adviser, Kellyanne Conway. When the interview began, Meyers wasted no time with the usual pleasantries and jumped right in, grilling her about this report and Trump’s salacious behavior.

Conway, of course, went on the defensive immediately saying:

“Guess what hasn’t happened, Seth? Nobody has sourced it. They’re all unnamed, unspoken sources in the story, and it says it was based on a Russian investigator to begin with, so where are we?”

Meyers then corrected her statement and filled her in on a pretty important fact — this report was based on British intelligence, not Russian. Conway was visibly uncomfortable and forced another ridiculous response:

“Right, well one of those, and then it said that it also may have originated with a Russian investigator. It also says that Hillary Clinton, groups that wanted Hillary Clinton to win, may have been behind the investigations themselves. And most importantly, it says that the FBI is trying to confirm it. So nothing has been confirmed. And I have to say, as an American citizen…we should be concerned that intelligence officials leaked to the press and won’t go and tell the president elect or [Obama] what the information is.”

The above is blatantly untrue, and Seth fills her in yet again citing facts from the CNN report that said:

“Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN.”

Kellyanne grows even more uncomfortable and tries again and again to weasel her way out of her predicament, but Seth wasn’t having it.

Watch the video below:

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