Sorry, Anthony Weiner: Wish We Had Sent D*ck Pics Instead. Love, Josh Duggar & A. M. Users (Op-Ed)

Over 1500 email addresses outed in the Ashley Madison debacle were .gov and .mil, meaning that they were from official government and military servers. They may even have used the unsecured site on computers with TOP SECRET documents on them to get their extra-marital freak on. They paid to have their accounts kept secret, and aparently played high stakes sex games on our dime.

You are probably filling in “Josh Duggar” here, as he had two accounts that he was using to be a raging hypocrite and lost him his job at The Family Research Council. Well, I guess I don’t care about the child molesting, his hypocrisy or that he cheated on his wife repeatedly. Not knowing that while he is the biggest pop anti-celebrity being ridiculed at the moment, there are 1500 people that that must be outed so we can find out if they have put this country at risk for a chance to break their vows.

So, kindly put, screw Josh Duggar – if ya wanna risk the hate-herpes he carries. No one he has touched, literally or figuratively, is gonna come out without his stain on them. (I’m looking at you Mike Huckabee!)

I am sure that among the 1500 .mil and .gov addresses there are many Republicans and probably a few Democrats that are now shaking in their boots. Why? Well, many “swingers” identify as conservative Christians, so we know that sex drive and kinky loving doesn’t differ between parties. However, many more Republicans have real reasons to hide their actions, because of their constituencies, and their own cronies, will certainly crucify them.

Let me remind you of a few unlucky individuals who were caught with their proverbial pants down:

  • First, Anthony Weiner. Why first? Because it is so easy to remember what he did – when a man named Weiner sends his as a text message, well, we laugh hysterically, everyone gets a potshot in and then, we move on. This crap with paying thousands to be able to hide your philandering? Hmmmmm – if you are one of the people that came out to ridicule Anthony Weiner you may just owe him an apology letter, douchebag.
  • Second, Missouri House Speaker, John Diehl. His sexting with a 19 year old intern led to him leaving office, which is silly really because sexting is fun and she was legal, barely. I am not saying that he is not a reprobate or miscreant, just that it wasn’t illegal to sext her. It was, however illegal to sign up for an Ashley Madison account with your .gov or .mil address. All the money spent to protect the others from their own actions? That has to burn.
  • Third, President Clinton, and the still ever present Monica Lewinsky, 21. Folks, he was impeached for penetrating a young, though grown, woman with a cigar and leaving evidence on a dress that she wore while ‘talking into the mic’. Impeached. How many of the men and women that railed for his impeachment are in this data base? How many self-righteous, overly pious, holier than thou, hypocrites are in this data leak? Not to mention those that hated his guts for getting caught doing what they would also do, as soon as someone let them pay not to get caught. For all of those people – I am sure saying “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” will be enough to save your job, marriage and reputation, right?
  • Fourth, Congressman Mark Foley. He was caught hitting on male teens who served as pages on Capitol Hill. According to  this article, not only was he asked to leave by Congress, he was protected from the full scope of the consequences of his wrongdoing by Congress. I guess he said sorry or something, that will get you out of criminal charges if you are a republican.
  • Fifth, and finally, you don’t even have to have sex or be involved in a sexual activity to lose your credibility and job in Washington, ask Michelle Leonhart. According to the Family Research Council:


The latest sex scandal involving federal law enforcement officials has claimed its first high-level victim, with Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) chief Michele Leonhart stepping down after a Department of Justice Inspector General’s (IG) report documented that DEA agents in Colombia had participated in “sex parties” with prostitutes — in some cases hired by the very drug cartels the agents were supposed to be fighting.

Speaking of the Family Research Council: they come out fast and hard against all that oppose their prudery, or simply have an active sex life. All that do not live under their antiquated biblical rules. They have already lost one employee, Josh Duggar. I wonder what they will have to say about Josh? Will it be as poisonous as what they have had to say about those that were NOT paying thousands to hide behavior that they knew, deep down in their soul, is a reprehensible sin? I doubt that.

I wonder, however, how many of these hypocrites — who according to their Bible sinned yet again by believing what they were doing is sinful — are gonna roast over this? You see, those of us with open relationships, who are poly-amorous, or have differing morals and/or an understanding that sex and sexuality is not inherently sinful, cannot be held up as examples of sinners by Christians. If they don’t believe me, here, let the Bible tell them:

Hebrews 10:26 – For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins. (For those of you that don’t “bible”, this says that cheating on your wife – if you believe it to be a sin – means you go to hell.)

  1. Oops. Oh, and for those of you that are about to scream that is the Old Testament!!! We only use that to condemn gays! Here is the new testament on the same subject.
  2. James 4:17 – So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.
  3. If I were Anthony Weiner, et al, I really don’t care how carefully you word the apology for being a stupid hypocrite, at least most of these guys were not doing anything illegal at the time they did something unethical. Ethics aside, my answer would be: you suck.

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