Fox News Is Turning On Trump, Shep Smith Just Called Him Out For ‘Belittling’ CNN Journalists (VIDEO)

It appears that Trump is starting to lose even his strongest of allies!

During his first press conference as president-elect on Wednesday, Trump belittled Jim Acosta, one of CNN’s journalists, saying that he and his organization amount to little more than fake news. Many reporters latched on to this erratic declaration of Trump’s and condemned him for it, but the most surprising of all of them came from Fox News’ anchor Shep Smith, who in a monologue Wednesday afternoon, came out in support of CNN’s “responsible journalism” when reporting about the intelligence on Trump’s ties to Russia. Smith stated:

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“President-elect Trump today told CNN’s Jim Acosta the his organization amounts to fake news. CNN’s exclusive reporting on the Russian matter was separate and distinctly different from the document dump executed by an online news property. Though we at Fox News cannot confirm CNN’s report, it is our observation that its correspondents followed journalistic standards and that neither they nor any other journalists should be subjected to belittling and delegitimizing by the president-elect of the United States.”

No doubt, Fox viewers are enraged by this statement from Shep, but he’s absolutely right. When you attack the free press, you’re attacking the First Amendment. No president, or still president-elect, in this case, should behave that way, especially with all of the transgressions he’s already committed.

Good for you, Shep Smith! For once we can agree with Fox News.

Watch his segment below:

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