China Told The U.S. Gov’t They’d Return Our Drone, So Trump Gave Them A Big ‘F*ck You!’ (TWEETS)

On Friday Trump tried to pick a fight with China, but once again — he only managed to embarrass himself and the country with this “unpresidented” tweet:


As expected, the internet had a field day and the tweet even got a response from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Despite Trump’s yammering attempts to cause trouble, China told the U.S. Government on Saturday that it would return the drone, and all seemed right in the world at that point, but leave it to Trump to start stirring the pot again! Saturday evening, via Twitter, he basically told them to “F*ck off” and said he doesn’t want it back.

“We should tell China that we don’t want the drone they stole back.- let them keep it!”

The Chinese government has yet to respond to Trump’s latest outburst, but it’s clear that they must be aware because their media is already reporting about it.

According to The Washington Post:

In Beijing on Sunday, the Global Times, a Communist Party-controlled newspaper known for its nationalist town, poked fun at the mixed messages coming from the United States.

“Before Trump’s generous announcement that he didn’t want the drone back, the Pentagon had already announced publicly that they have asked China to return the ‘illegally seized’ [unmanned underwater vehicle] through appropriate governmental channels,” the paper wrote. “We don’t know, after seeing Trump’s new tweets, if the Pentagon should feel boggled.”

Donald Trump is playing with fire here. Peter Beinhart, Contributing Editor at The Atlantic, probably gives the most accurate and frightening response to Trump’s tweet:

This is probably another sad attempt at distracting us from his involvement with Russia, but Trump may have just taken on more than he’ll be able to handle when he takes office. Chances are, the damage done with China might be irreparable and that could be devastating to the U.S. and world economy, not to mention our national security.

We can only hope that the Electoral College will do the right thing tomorrow.

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