As Republicans Were Calling Obama Weak On ISIS, He Liberated Half Of ISIS’ Territory

President Obama’s US-led coalition has brought in the new year with fantastic news. We are completely dominating ISIS, who has now lost 40 percent of its total territory in Iraq and 20 percent of its total territory in Syria.

Colonel Steve Warren gave this statement:

The enemy is weaker and on the defensive. They have not gained one inch in Iraq since May.

Given the Republican obsession with ISIS, you would think they would be celebrating the news. However, there is an unexplainable absence of any discussion of ISIS, aside from them saying Obama is bringing them here with to establish Sharia law.

Republicans created ISIS by destabilizing Iraq. Obama is literally cleaning up the mess they haven’t been able to clean up in fifteen years. Can’t they even give a “thank you?”

U.S. allies are supporting the Iraqi Army and Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq, as well as the Free Syrian Army and Kurdish YPG In Syria, with recent victories liberating the cities of Tikrit and Ramadi. ISIS is also coming under extreme pressure in Syria as they are wedged between the Obama coalition forces and Syrian rebels.

US-led air strike support has crippled ISIS’ money supply by destroying oil field infrastructure and supply depots. In addition, the American Combined Joint Task Force has trained over 17,500 Iraqi soldiers, and Kurdish fighters to permanently secure the liberated territory.

ISIS is literally surrounded in continually shrinking borders, unable to escape while getting bombed to hell and back from above. It’s only a matter of time now.

Bush spent eight years at this, and couldn’t do anything but make it worse. Obama has taken seven years with no help from Republicans at all, and now ISIS is trapped and losing more every day.

Republicans HATE Obama because he is winning THEIR war on terror when they couldn’t do it themselves.

Featured image via CNN

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