Anti-Gay Missouri House Speaker Caught Sexting With Freshman Intern (IMAGES)

The Speaker of the House in Missouri, and arguably the most influential Republican in the state, John Diehl, was caught sexting with a 19-year-old college freshman who was participating in the Missouri Capitol internship program.

Almost all of the conversations between the two have been discovered and become available to the press. When Mr. Diehl, who is a married man with three children, was first told about the texts from a reporter from The Star, he refused to confirm or deny the allegations and asked that he be given proof of their existence. It didn’t take long after the story was first published Wednesday morning for Mr. Diehl to issue a statement admitting to the relationship.

Screenshots of the text messages between Diehl and the unnamed intern indicate the type of relationship the two had, which was highly flirtatious, sexually charged, and even involved making fun of other representatives.

Now, when we say “sexually charged,” we mean the kind of dirty talk that involves the “Q” word, yes the “Q” word – you read that right:

Diehl: God I want you right now.

Intern: I wish you could have me right now.

Diehl: Damn we need a lot of time and a quiet room.

Intern: That sound’s amazing.

Diehl: Will have my way with you.

Intern: That sounds amazing.

Diehl: And leave you quivering.

In one of the first images provided below, you can see Speaker Diehl standing in front of a Rolls Royce, which is supposedly meant to impress the young intern. While most people are going to scan the following texts looking for the bedroom foreplay, and further sexual innuendos, this is the kind of douchey pic that tics me off the most.

We’ve included all of the messages, so the public can see just how Missouri’s top lawmaker, the symbol of conservative family values, conducts himself in his free time when he’s not parading around pretending to be a good Christian. With that said, a half-naked picture of the girl has been removed to protect her privacy.

In case you aren’t paying close enough attention, the woman hilariously put Mr. Diehl’s contact information as “Frank Underwood” which is a reference to the character played by Kevin Spacey in House of Cards. Very fitting, don’t you say?

We will update this breaking story as more information becomes available.

Now, without further ado, here are the images that are getting this House Speaker in severe hot water.

Click on the first image to view as slideshow:

 Combined Screenshots.

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