Police Department Says Cop Tasering Man In The Head Was All Just An Accident (VIDEO)


Albuquerque, New Mexico has one of the most corrupt and violent police departments in the country. In the United Kingdom, police have a different system for handling suspects that involves de-escalation — a tactic that aims to calm the situation down without resorting to violence. An excellent concept. In England, a population of about 52 million, between 2010 and 2014, there were four deaths at the hands of a police officer. In Albuquerque, a population of roughly 556,000, there were 26 fatal shootings at the hands of police. Not exactly a place you’d like to visit on a family vacation.

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After a four-month wait, a video was finally released this week that shows the world the Albuquerque Police Department has created. The good news in this story, however, is that the man the APD attacked didn’t die.

Police say Danan Gabaldon tried to run over them three different times since March of this year. That month, police say he sped toward an officer while attempting to flee police. In May, they say he tried to run over officers in a stolen Chevy Tahoe. While the accounts by police of what happened in March can’t be verified, what really happened in this most recent event was just released on video from the police body cameras and a citizen’s cellphone video. It shows a very different story.

For ten days after an incident on Memorial Day, Gabaldon was able to hide from authorities attempting to track him down. Finally, they caught him at an intersection in southwest Albuquerque, immobilized his SUV and proceeded to fire multiple shots at him. He managed to escape and that’s when the video released starts rolling.

As you can see in the video below, Gabaldon ran, an APD detective got into an unmarked truck, sped toward him, made a sharp turn, hopped up onto the curb and ran right into Gabaldon. The detective then got out of his truck, jumped on top of Gabaldon and proceeded to taser him in the back of the head. As the electric shock traveled through his brain, the detective starts beating the bloody and incapacitated man with the butt of his weapon.

If you look, you can also see the detective was so into the beating he didn’t even notice he’s also tasering a fellow officer. Remember, this isn’t some mall cop, he’s an actual detective.

To put the tasering in context, the X26 model taser peaks at 50,000 volts. Electroshock therapy is a psychiatric procedure which uses “between 75 and 470 volts … briefly applied to the brain with the aim of producing a grand mal seizure.” It will be interesting to have a doctor do some scans to see the degree to which Gabaldon can sue the hell out of the APD.

APD’s spokeswoman said it was an accident, that detective was not trying to run Gabaldon down, but to cut him off. Gabaldon was resisting and that the department’s use-of-force policy speaks for itself. That policy says, ‘Officers shall use only that force which is reasonably necessary,’ and says officers shouldn’t expect suspects to comply without being tased.

Cops don’t get to be the enforcement, judge and jury for anyone’s crimes. Regardless of what Gabaldon did back in May doesn’t justify running over him, shooting at him, beating him and tasering him in the damn head. It’s no surprise the Albuquerque PD has a violence problem when they get to claim it is justified or an “accident” with no accountability. These people make me sick.

Watch the video below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjPPqug73W8?rel=0&w=640&h=360]

Featured image via video screenshot


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