Planned Parenthood Video Fraudster’s Sleazy Company Just Lost Yet Another Legal Battle


David Daleiden, the creator of the dishonest and heavily edited videos that helped inspire Robert Dear to murder 3 people in Colorado, just lost yet another legal battle to spread even more of his particular brand of lies and propaganda.

After being charged criminally for his dishonest actions, he suffered yet another legal loss in the form of a temporary restraining order against his sleaze factory, ironically named The Center For Medical Progress. Though he tried to argue that he is a “journalist,” the judge, William H. Orrick seemed to see right through him:

I have reviewed the recordings relied on by defendants and find no evidence of criminal activity. And I am skeptical that exposing criminal activity was really defendants’ purpose, since they did not provide recordings to law enforcement following the NAF 2014 Annual Meeting and only provided a bit of information to law enforcement beginning in May, 2015.

The 500 hours worth of recordings reviewed showed no evidence of criminal activity, yet Daleiden was going to release more heavily-edited, illegally and unethically obtained, and prejudicial footage. The “journalism” that Daleiden claims to have been involved in was to expose the illegal sale of fetal tissue for profit. Since he found no evidence of that, he then proceeded to manufacture — through editing and adding in unrelated footage — “proof” of something that isn’t actually happening.

Nothing seems to be too slimy for Daleiden, or his company. The methods employed by him and his people to gain access to footage that could be used to throw aspersions on the National Abortion Federation (NAF) included lying, breaking confidentiality agreements, and even seeking out people under the influence for leading questions that could be later “shaped” into what Daleiden wanted people to see.

According to Salon:

Not that Daleiden and his folks didn’t try their hardest to trap someone into saying they’d sell fetal tissue to them on tape. Daleiden instructed his people to hit conference attendees with a really hard sell about how they are “sitting on a goldmine” and that it would be “extremely financially profitable for you”, but couldn’t, for all their hustling, get anyone to agree on tape to do such a thing.

Daleiden, and his sleazeball emporium, it appears, were never interested in the truth. Though they were constantly rejected by abortion providers, and never able to even entrap anyone into agreeing to sell them fetal tissue, they went forward with releasing the footage after heavy editing and managed to create the uproar they wanted anyway when it hit the low-information voter side of the debate. Not to mention a little help from the “baby parts” screaming Carly Fiorina.

Just goes to show the company, and the man, are as slick, slimy, and dishonest as they come.

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