Planned Parenthood Targeted By Domestic Terrorist Thanks To Right Wing Propaganda

As we dive into the reasons someone takes up arms and open fires at those in a Planned Parenthood, we’re finding that the worst fears we had are true according to sources that overheard the shooter.

The day following the shooting of eleven people, we now know the truth: Officials are telling media that an official motive “remains unclear,” but they are saying, “the suspect talked about politics and abortion.” He wasn’t just a nutty guy who happened upon a Planned Parenthood. He wasn’t a lonewolf. His attacks were politically motivated.

He was a domestic terrorist.

According to two police officers on the scene, Robert Lewis Dear was overheard saying “no more baby parts” referencing Planned Parenthood and the heavily edited videos that distort reality. He also apparently mentioned President Barack Obama as well.

The Daily Beast reported today that Dear’s former next-door neighbors Lynn Roberts and her husband contacted police saying that Dear “had been making unwanted advancements,” and “leering at Ms. Roberts on a regular basis.” He apparently was seen looking into their home from the bushes several times and the neighbors got a restraining order from Dear in July 2002. Clearly, he had issues.

David Daleiden, the architect behind the anti-Planned Parenthood scheme, admitted on CNN that his videos that fooled even Carly Fiorina, showed footage that had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood. But like Fiorina, the Planned Parenthood shooter believed these videos David Daleiden edited were 100 percent real. And a man is dead because of it.

David Daleiden didn’t sell Robert Lewis Dear the bullets or the gun, he only shook up the can of beer and handed it to Dear hoping it wouldn’t explode. How Daleiden isn’t culpable when it comes to inciting violence against Planned Parenthood is beyond me. Planned Parenthood has seen an uptick in threats since the Daleiden videos.

In the end, Congress couldn’t prove that Planned Parenthood did anything illegal and pulling funding from Planned Parenthood based on these videos is illegal and Planned Parenthood will win the lawsuit for it. But this hasn’t stopped threats of violence and the shooting on Friday.

Police are also saying that there were no issues that would have disqualified Robert Lewis Dear from buying the AK-47-style, high-powered weapon that he used when shooting 11 people and killing an officer. Because… guns don’t kill people, right?

Feature image via Colorado Springs Police Department.

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