Planned Parenthood Shooter Yells ‘I Am A Warrior For The Babies’ In Court

Sorry Republicans, the Planned Parenthood shooter wasn’t a bank robber or a transgendered left-wing activist. He is, however, a radical, anti-choice murderer who has been corrupted by the conservative rhetoric against Planned Parenthood.

While appearing in court, Robert Lewis Dear, who opened fire in a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs killing three people – among them a cop, a mother and a veteran – shouted out, “I am guilty. There is no trial. I am a warrior for the babies.” In a separate outburst, Dear shouted “Protect the babies,” apparently repeatedly. These comments were among fifteen different outbursts.

Dear also said he saw “atrocities” being committed in the clinic, atrocities that the court is (according to Dear) trying to seal.

Remember that Dear also uttered “no more baby parts” when arrested, according to law enforcement authorities.

Good luck spinning this one, Fox News. This is what happens when you demonize abortion rights, Planned Parenthood, and women who seek their Constitutional right to have an abortion.

Dear, who will rightfully be charged with first-degree murder and potentially face the death penalty if convicted, shows what happens when politicians and talking-heads like Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump use fear, false rhetoric and anger to persuade the masses. In the wake of the shooting last month, Fiorina brushed off any responsibility as “typical left-wing tactics.”

I thought conservatives were the people of “personal responsibility.”  I guess Carly Fiorina can’t take responsibility for her actions causing the deaths of three innocent people.

Republicans accuse President Obama of inciting violence against police with his support of Black Lives Matter, and they accuse him of supporting terrorism when he shows tolerance towards Muslims. But when a madman drives 60 miles to a Planned Parenthood, opens fire killing three people, and repeatedly talks about “saving babies,” Republicans suddenly absolve themselves of any responsibility.

Their hypocrisy is literally getting people killed. Dear’s trial will prove interesting for the anti-choice crowd.

Featured image via Waay ABC TV

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