Planned Parenthood Cleared of Wrongdoing in GOP Investigation: Let’s Call Off The Witch Hunt (VIDEO)

The response to the illegally recorded videos allegedly showing Planned Parenthood representatives discussing harvesting and selling fetuses has been swift and ugly. Republicans, anti-abortionists, Tea Party peeps – they ALL came out of the woodwork. Republicans went so far as to threaten to shut down the Federal Government AGAIN if Planned Parenthood wasn’t defunded IMMEDIATELY.

However, the Right’s carefully constructed house-of-cards attack against Planned Parenthood seems to be falling apart.

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An investigation by Indiana Governor Mike Pence – a Republican – cleared the organization of any wrongdoing. The State’s investigators, in a letter issued to the media, found that they were

“unable to find any non-compliance with state regulations. Therefore, no deficiencies were cited.”

A judge in California issued an order barring any more such videos from being released, as they were recorded illegally (per California law).

For the record, Planned Parenthood does NOT sell aborted fetuses, nor does it use Federal monies to provide abortions. Five of their affiliates donate tissue and cells for research, ALWAYS with the mother’s consent.

Despite what the zealots on the Right might lead you to believe, Planned Parenthood provides MUCH more than abortion services. They are the ‘”go to” providers for breast and cervical cancer screenings, STI testing and treatment, and birth control for low and middle-income patients. In many cases, they are the only healthcare some low income patients receive.

Have conservatives gotten so desperate for a “win” that they would use an anti-abortion group’s illegally obtained and highly edited video to shut down a national organization providing vital services to women? When are women — ALL women — going to stand up and stand against the political party trying to run their lives and limit their choices?

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