Pig Castrator Joni Ernst’s Hopes To Win Iowa Senate Seat Are Cut Down To Size (VIDEO)

Pig castrator Joni Ernst got a lot of press over the weekend, saying she was set to score a Tea Party win in the race for Iowa’s open Senate seat. The brouhaha was based on a Des Moines Register poll that showed her up by 7 points over Democratic opponent Bruce Braley. Monday morning, a new Quinnipiac University poll showed that, on the contrary, the two are in a dead heat. Other polls support this new data. A Fox News poll on Friday showed Ernst up 1 point and a CNN/Opinion Research Center poll said she was up 2 points.

The pig castrator made a video named ‘Squeal’

Ernst’s campaign really took off last March when she released a highly amusing video called “Squeal” that quickly went viral. In the video, Ernst declares that she used to castrate pigs on her father’s hog farm and now she’s ready to go to Washington and cut the pork. She ends by saying, “Let’s make ’em [big spenders] squeal.” Check it out:

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However, Iowa voters may not be laughing at what Ernst is actually proposing to cut. Bill Clinton showed up to campaign for Democrat Bruce Braley on Saturday and put the issue into perspective. He told his audience that Ernst doesn’t know the difference between pork and people:

I don’t want to hear minimum wage workers squeal. I don’t want to hear middle-class and working families squeal. I don’t want to hear college students squeal. I don’t want to hear seniors squeal.

In fact, the Des Moines Register endorsed Bruce Braley because Ernst’s views are so extreme. The paper’s editorial board held that her positions aren’t good for either Iowa or the country and listed the following:

She has said she would abolish the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education and the federal minimum wage. She suggested partial privatization of Social Security. She calls for nearly unfettered rights to buy and carry weapons. And she would eliminate the Affordable Care Act without offering a serious alternative to provide for those without health care coverage.

Ernst’s extreme stance on the issues is no laughing matter

Ernst’s video may be good for a laugh, but her stance on the issues isn’t. The pig castrator offers nothing in terms of protection for Iowa’s people. In fact, she has opined for the days when the federal government offered no assistance, when people in dire straits had to depend on food pantries and charity. Never mind that 400,000 Iowans are currently at or below poverty level and 20% of the state’s children don’t have enough to eat.

Will Joni Ernst’s joke over pig castration carry the day at the polls — for her and the Tea Party — or will Iowa voters show they are too savvy to stake their futures on such an easy ploy? Tuesday night, we’ll know for sure.


Feature photo by Gage Skidmore

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