Permission To Laugh: Christie Explains Why Trump Losing A Billion Bucks Is A ‘Very Good’ Thing

The wait for Donald Trump to release his tax returns appeared to come to an abrupt end following yesterday’s New York Times bombshell report. All of us low energy losers, paying our taxes each and every year, found at that Donald Trump lost over $900 million in 1995 and used that massive loss to manipulate a loophole in the tax code that would allow him to not pay his taxes for the next two decades.

Well, washed up Trump intern and occasional New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was not about to let his BFF hang out to dry. The equally bombastic and obnoxious (and corrupt) Christie made every pathetic attempt to polish a turd during a Sunday morning appearance on Fox News.

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Appearing with Chris Wallace, Christie delivered an Oscar-worthy performance as he hilariously attempted to explain how Trump tax avoidance actually made Trump a “genius” businessman.

“What it shows is what an absolute mess the federal tax code is and Donald Trump is the best person to fix it,” Christie asserted. “There is no one who has shown more genius in their ability to maneuver around the tax code as he rightfully used the laws to do that.”

Chris Christie’s complete and utter lack of reason and reality was so bad that it actually jilted a Fox News personality.

“Wait, wait, wait,” an incredulous Wallace pushed back. “You’re saying it’s a good story that he took a billion dollar loss and that he failed to pay any income taxes for years? That’s a good story?”

And if there’s anyone who knows about being a genius, it’s a man who decided to shut down the most highly trafficked bridge in New Jersey for petty payback. Chris Christie knows he’s finished politically and his only, pardon the pun, “Trump card” is latching onto Trump tighter than the GOP Presidential nominees tanning goggles.

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